PreK - 12th Grade
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Established in 1995 as The Learning Gym in Los Angeles


Best Tailored Tutoring In LA....

The Tutoring Gym provides academic tutoring and enrichment solutions for all your academic needs. Our programs are designed for students focusing on subject matters from PreK - 12th grade curriculum throughout Los Angeles. Tutoring programs are designed one-on-one, for each individual student, around your schedule, and locations (including, but not limited to, are Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu and the San Fernando Valley).

The unique program The Tutoring Gym designs, is structured so that each session is creatively set around students individual needs, availability, locations, subjects, style of learning, and academic levels. 

Our Educators...

Our tutors are diverse and can cover a multitude of subjects in a variety of locations. Each session will include a student report/review. The sessions are designed by trained, credentialed, and certified educational specialists with varied education levels and backgrounds, including but not limited to working with diverse students, from The Highly Gifted, to those with Learning Disabilities, or special learning needs.  The sessions will have periodic reviews, with our educational specialist to make sure each session is creative, fun, effective, dynamic, and successful. 

Creatively Designed Sessions...

Successful sessions are fun and creatively designed to create harmony for students in communicating their educational blocks, needs, and breakdowns.  The Tutoring Gym cares about study skills, students work environment, habits, style, time management, and family structure. Proper structure, schedule, and nutritional habits are key.  To design, our programs are unique in not only teaching, clarifying, improving, and enhancing the learning process, but in creating long-term objectives, goals, procedures, and habits.  Tutoring is only part of this success, the other half is learning and developing new problem solving techniques and self actuated strategies that can help students both inside and outside the classroom environment.  In short, our approach aims at a students goals and values, while considering the “big picture.”

Uniquely Fun!

This goal is best reached by creating open communication between parents, students, tutors, and teachers.  The Tutoring Gym believes academic success and solutions are found by creating a positive attitude and team work, without compromising creativity and fun. Each program varies according to each student’s needs. Our tutoring style is original in design, and has been recognized as The Learning Gym in Los Angeles County, practicing excellence for over a decade.  

Dedicated To Commitment & Quality

Welcome to The Tutoring Gym, where we start by providing the highest qualified, educated and trained individuals to our students.  By offering tutor-student match up, we couple the best-suited tutor with the student’s needs, goals, location and availability. 

Our service helps students build confidence by balancing quality with a fun, flexible, and versatile learning environment. We anticipate the student’s individual needs and exceed expectations by supporting an atmosphere of open communication  between the parent, student, private instructors & teachers.

All our instructors are carefully selected, after a vigorous process, to help students in a professional, reliable, flexible, and goal oriented manner.  Our aim is to help motivate students confidence and understanding by connecting them with skilled, encouraging, educated  and knowledgeable instructors.