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Established in 1995 as The Learning Gym in Los Angeles

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Please contact us at (310) 485-4444 and let us know:

  1. Your First & Last Name,

  2. Phone Number (slowly/clearly state)

  3. Best Time To Reach You,

  4. Students Name, School (Name), Subjects, Grade Level, Age, Goals

  5. Where You Would Like The Tutoring (ie main cross streets & city)

Once we receive your Student Application Form via fax or scanned email, together we can design a tutoring program, that is fun with ease, and start the scheduling process according to your needs and availability.

  1. BulletAreas Serviced

The Tutoring Gym provides private academic tutoring and enrichment for the greater Los Angeles area, in California (this includes Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Malibu).  Please look at our detailed list under SCHEDULING & LOCATIONS or call us for further details at: (310) 485-4444.

  1. BulletAvailability, Location, Schedule & Frequency

Imagine having a wonderful tutor, come to you, saving you time, energy and money! Tutoring sessions are available 7 days a week, year-round, at your location (please see our detailed list of SCHEDULING & LOCATIONS or call us for further details at (310) 485-4444). Depending on clients scheduling requirements, sessions can be booked during the day, afternoons, or evenings. The Tutoring Gym partners with you and your families needs to determine the best solutions to your academic goals. This will include the session frequency, the length of the individual sessions, your schedule of availability, affordability, and deadlines. We create solutions for your busy and demanding scheduling needs, at your convenience!

  1. BulletUnique, Creative, Fun, & Different

Our program is unique and the first of its kind in Los Angeles. While we meet traditional learning needs, follow classroom curriculums, work on tests, deadlines, and can work with your group, we are unique in our approach. The difference is we provide a program whose design is creative, rewarding, and fun, while entailing each students goals, needs, availability, learning style, family dynamics, academic expectations, personality, confidence, background, and style of learning. 

Each program is tailored to grow and change with the needs of your family. Our trusted, private instructors are backed by the Tutoring Gym’s full network of people and resources to help with your family’s overall academic goals. Each session is dynamic, focusing on your goals, even if your deadlines and needs vary weekly. Our instructors know that learning is made a lot easier when you are having fun, have a great rapport, and are utilizing creative sources that are made possible when working in a one-on-one environment. 

  1. BulletCombined Parent, Student, Private Instructor, & Teacher Team Work

We believe that success starts with team work and building collaborative efforts. The Tutoring Gym partners with classroom teachers to create a supportive process and enable a more concise measure of progress results.  These results reflect classroom participation, study habits (both at home & school), overall attitude, and play an important part in measuring the success of a students learning process and grade trends.

  1. BulletResults, Progress Updates & Communication Reviews

Tutors, parents, school teachers and staff have an opportunity to alleviate communication barriers by maintaining deadlines, needs, expectations, assignments, up & coming homework / projects / testing,  by keeping up with the “Communication Folder” and by frequently  monitoring student progress.  These results can be requested regularly. Additionally, you have access to our Tutoring Gym experts to ensure your satisfaction and make sure your goals are on track. Best of all, these reviews are FREE of charge and are included in your personalized program!

  1. BulletSubjects, Materials & Needs

Each student is unique in their needs: whether you need to catch up, get ahead, or learn something new, The Tutoring Gym is here to help! Our program will cater to your needs, at your location, and will focus on your academic materials or design textbooks/workbooks and enrichment tools to help students reach their goals.  Please see SUBJECTS & PAYMENTS for a detailed list of subjects or call us at (310) 485-4444 if you are looking for a particular subject not listed.

  1. BulletSpecial Learning Needs

Students with special learning needs such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Tracking Eye/Hand Coordination Disorders, Dyslexia or any other special needs will be supported.  While we are not a diagnostic center, we can carefully work with the diagnostics, treatments, or the other programs you already have and have over 20 years of experience specializing in working with students with special learning needs. Contact The Tutoring Gym to discuss your unique situation and to determine the detailed help you need.

  1. BulletPackages, Hourly Sessions & Student Application Contracts

There are no long term contract requirements by signing our Student Application Form. This form simply states our policies.  Clients can still choose to purchase sessions as they see fit, design their package/sessions around their individual needs and change their sessions as needed.  Please see our cancellation policy on your application, should you need to change or cancel a session.

  1. BulletRates & Financial Aid

Each program is designed around individual needs, goals, and location. Therefore, students have the opportunity to book sessions by package or individual hourly rate. We are committed that students get the academic support they need. There are affordable specials and packages designed to accommodate your financial needs. Depending on your program, session rates vary depending on these factors.  Payments can be make by check, cash, or credit card. The options are diverse and the approval process is easy. Please call us to custom design your program: (310) 485-4444.

  1. BulletFinancially Effective: NO Hidden Fees & FREE Testing Incorporated

Unlike other programs, The Tutoring Gym does not have hidden Testing, Application, Renewal, or Subscription Fees.  We will test the student, incorporated as part of a students session time. In order to be effective with time, efforts, and deadlines, The Tutoring Gym can offer assignments and allows you to create your own testing schedules, and proctoring time. Therefore, you will utilize your session time for actual one-on-one help, as opposed to simply having someone watch you take a test or proctor your session time.

  1. BulletOur Tutors, Staff & How A Selection Match Works

We work with a team of highly specialized instructors with varied backgrounds, starting from Bachelors, Masters, & PHD levels, and many times comprised with other educational training/enrichment experience too!  Each program is designed with a qualified team who will build a good rapport with your needs, work with you on your subjects, creatively, at your location and around your schedule.  If you need to change your program for any reason, we are here to help! Our instructors are screened, well selected, and supported by a team committed to taking the footwork and guesswork out, while saving you time and money.  Each one-on-one program will be pre-designed by a Tutoring Gym, degreed and experienced expert, and an experienced private instructor that matches your specific needs.

  1. BulletList Of Students’ Schools We Have Worked With

  1. BulletThe Tutoring Gym AKA The Learning Gym in Los Angeles County

The Tutoring Gym has operated in the City of Los Angeles for over 14 years under the name of The Learning Gym. Our program is the same, as are our tutors and management. Only our online name varies.  The Learning Gym in Los Angeles is not affiliated in any way to The Learning Gym in Manhattan Beach California and our programs are different.

  1. BulletCommitment

Since 1995, The Tutoring Gym has been the first of its kind in the Los Angeles area. Helping thousands of students develop their academic foundation, while building their confidence and a love for learning.  We are committed to providing outstanding individual attention, a personalized goal plan, and positive feedback, while accounting for:  students learning needs, location, budgets, and goals.  In short, we are here to make your life easier, to make your academic goals fun, and to grow with your family!

  1. BulletGuarantees

Our program is designed with your success at heart. We know that happy customers create the foundation for this success.  In order to create a successful program, we ask for parent/student feedback and reviews after the sessions. This is especially helpful at the beginning of your program, so as to ensure a proper fit and aim for your sessions. Additionally, we can regularly test the student and update progress in the Communication Folder. If for any reason, you are not happy with the session, the instructor, or need to change your schedule/goals/needs/deadlines, feel free to contact us and we will redesign your program.  Also, you can put your package on hold and use the rest of your purchased package at some future time, so long as the sessions are used within one year of the date of purchase. The Tutoring Gym has been around because we are goal oriented and know the results speak for themselves.


Tutoring Designed For You, Where You Need It,

When You Need It, & Created With Your Needs In Mind!

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  2. BulletAreas Serviced

  3. BulletAvailability, Location, Schedule & Frequency

  4. BulletUnique, Creative, Fun, & Different

  5. BulletCombined Parent, Student, Private Instructor, & Teacher Team Work

  6. BulletResults, Progress Updates & Communication Reviews

  7. BulletSubjects, Materials & Needs

  8. BulletSpecial Learning Needs

  9. BulletPackages, Hourly Sessions & Student Application Contracts

  10. BulletRates & Financial Aid

  11. BulletFinancially Effective: NO Hidden Fees & FREE Testing Incorporated

  12. BulletOur Tutors, Staff & How A Selection Match Works

  13. BulletList of Students’ Schools We Have Worked With

  14. BulletThe Tutoring Gym AKA The Learning Gym in Los Angeles County

  15. BulletCommitment

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