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“We are very excited that our son is getting A’s after all his hard work with [The Tutoring Gym]. Thank your for helping us over the last few years. The tutoring has helped our son advance in his classes and in building his overall study skills, organization skills, and confidence.  He has worked on SAT’s, Advance Placement classes and his summer transitions with your program.  It was great to have help on all his subjects, such as: Chemistry, English, Math, Verbal Skills, A.P. Classes and Honor’s Classes.  You have been able to provide services for all these subjects and have helped him improve his overall Study Skills. The teachers have been flexible, reliable and supportive. The fact that the teachers have been in communication with the teachers at schools has been tremendously helpful...as a result, it has helped our son improve his confidence and keep the peace in our family. This program has helped provide opportunities for a bright future for our son, as he prepares for college.”

    -Dr. & Mrs. Placik, excited Tutoring Gym Family, Beverly Hills, CA 

“Thank you for helping my son over the past few years with his academics and summer enrichment. We have had great tutors and helped us when we needed a flexible schedule. Whether it took place at the house, library, during the week or on the weekends, the assistance has been accommodating.  The dedicated tutors worked very well with my son and made the subject matter interesting.  The teachers care and have grown with our family. This program has been such a great match for us, we continue with it, even when we moved out of the area, changed schools, and teachers. Regardless of the tutor, and their style and personality, we have been satisfied repeatedly.  We gladly recommend this program to others with high regards.”

    -Brandye Reed, a well accommodated Tutoring Gym Parent, Burbank, CA

“Our daughter is “back on track.” She transferred to Santa Monica High School and is doing much better in school. To date, she has focused on Spanish, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, High School academics, during both the week day and weekends, around her schedule, the comfort of our home.  The reasonable rates, with flexible scheduling year-round helped us too.”

    -Lori Balton, a Tutoring Gym parent needing flexibility, Santa Monica, CA


“It certainly has been good news to us that our son has passed the California Efficiency Exam.  We have had the perfect tutor. I think first and foremost, the key for the tutor is to be able to get along and relate to the student. Although there were long hours, our tutor was able to have fun and possessed a spirit of play that broke up the seriousness of the task at hand.  As a result of passing the exam, our son has been accepted to his college of choice. Thank you for helping us develop a successful plan and helping our son achieve his goals.”

    -Priscilla Presley, a thankful Tutoring Gym Parent, Hidden Hills, CA    


The Tutoring Gym “has been a tremendous help to our family. Our daughter has been struggling in math for years, now she is able to build her scores and her overall confidence in all her subjects.  Our family is happy with the results and appreciate the service and support offered.  It has been helpful for our peace of mind.”

    -Ernesto Gonzalez, a delighted Tutoring Gym Parent, Los Angeles, CA


“On very short notice, we were quickly provided a tutor for my daughter. The tutor was warm and engaging. Not only did my daughter never complain on the days that she had tutoring, but she in fact looked forward to the time with the tutor.  Thank you for helping my daughter score high on the ISEE.”

    -The Gearins, satisfied Tutoring Gym Family, Westwood, CA


Our children “were aided in their studies of English and Math, as well as preparations for entrance exams to private school and the GED/SAT. The kids enjoyed studying in the comfort of their own home, and we most definitely enjoyed the time we saved not having to fight traffic dropping off and picking up the kids.  The tutors flexible schedules made life easier for all. Best of all, someone was always available to assist us, even on the weekends. The tutors were always promptly on time and worked well with the kids. As parents, we appreciated the update reviews and the fact that the kids’ teachers at school were kept abreast of their developments. Overall, we were pleased with the convenience the [Tutoring Gym] provided us, their reasonable rates, and the friendliness of the staff.”

    -Malak Barakat, Conveniently Pleased Tutoring Gym Parent, Beverly Hills, CA